Thought Monitor 9.3 – Now With InstaStream

The new version of ThoughtMonitor is finally here. Say hello to version 9.3 complete with song recognition and auto playlists. Now you can support the artists you love with ThoughtPlay. Queue up a song with just a thought and ThoughtPlay will stream it directly to your cerebellum. Enjoy your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard. 

Whistle while you work.

Want a whole playlist based on your current mood? ThoughtPlay can do that with dynamic selection based on environmental cues and NueroPulse. Your life deserves a soundtrack and your personal DJ is now at your beck and call.

Fair and Affordable

Each ThoughtPlay song is only $0.5 per play and your favorite artists can fund their work with a portion of all proceeds.

Looking to save more? Sign up for a ThoughtPlay subscription and receive 10% when paying with your WorkerFunds available for purchase at the Company Store.

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