Clean Your Reeds and Mouthpiece Regularly Unless you Want to Turn Your Mouth into a Petri Dish

Remember to keep it clean, Saxy one. Soak your mouthpiece and reeds in hydrogen peroxide every now and then to get rid of excess bacteria and fungi. You don’t want those germs and mold setting up shop in your mouth and lungs causing some kind of random disease, do you? Besides, your kissing partner will enjoy not having sharing your horn germs after your blow all those solos.

How, you say? I thought you’d never ask. Simply fill a small cup with hydrogen peroxide and submerge your reed or rubber mouthpiece. Soak reeds for five to fifteen minutes and mouthpieces for around two hours. No Peroxide in the house? Thats OK because vinegar works equally well. Fair warning – the acid might give your hard rubber mouthpiece a greenish hue and your reeds a not so pleasant taste. Be sure to thoroughly rinse with water after all that soaking!

Got a metal mouthpiece? No problem! Just rinse with a little soap and warm water. Peroxide and vinegar work here too, but you might want to do a test to make sure neither chemical tarnishes your mouthpiece finish. However, if you are a fan of rusty patinas, go for it.