Music Lessons

    Music is a deep part of all humanity. Birds are still creating some of most beautiful melodies known to humanity, the coyote’s howl haunts the deserts, and elephants rumble forests with infrasonic vibration. The sphere of musical influence seeps through our ancestral origins and distant relatives. 

    Music is embedded deep within the core of the humanity as shown in the musical instruments that make up some the oldest known human artifacts. Modernity reflects our infatuation with music by making copious amounts of recordings available at whim in a vast array of expertly marketed devices. I hope knowing this reveals that your desire to learn about music is much, much more than a fleeting interest.

    Coming from this understanding of the art form, I seek to awaken the passion and talent for music within students. The technical ability and craft of learning how to play a specific instrument, read music, and improvise are important yet they are all connected and subject to one’s relationship with music itself:

    • What does music mean to you?
    • What inspired you to learn to play music?
    • What do you seek to reveal or communicate through song?

    Such questions help me understand the goals and motivation of a student and help me guide their passion and interest in the appropriate direction while opening them to new possibilities and interests.

    Subject Areas

    Specifically, I’ve taught people the following:

    • The essentials of playing saxophone and flute. Basic instruction for Balafon and Djembe also available.
    • Digital music production.
    • The presence of the African diaspora in modern music especially in Blues and Funk.
    • The manufacturers and sources for musical instrument and equipment.
    • The effect of acoustics and equipment on musical instruments.
    • How to evoke mood through a particular musical scale or phrasing.
    • Using music to tell a story.
    • Performing intuitively or improvising from a set of emotions.
    • The relationship between body, posture, and the sound an instrument makes.

    Scheduling and Cancellation

    Payment is due prior to or at the time of your first lesson.

    Music lessons are available by appointment. If we aren’t able to meet in person, the music lesson will be rescheduled or held over video call.

    Missed lessons and cancellation require a 24 hour notice. There will be one make up lesson for every four lessons. Refunds are not available for missed lessons or cancellations except in the case of extreme circumstances, misfortune, or emergency, or my absence.